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What makes TaoTao 110cc ATV different from others?

The most popular and affordable ATV is the TaoTao 110cc. It is a good beginner vehicle for Kids, youngsters and children for serious riding. TaoTao 110cc ATV features a speed limiter, wireless key fob, automatic transmission, engine shut-off, California green sticker, utility racks etc. This  110CC ATV is the best fit for both beginners and experienced Kids.

Why TaoTao 110cc ATV is best?

It is a massive hit because of its special features like wide range of colors, rugged steel frame, full suspension etc. If you want to experience the outdoors and make a viable choice for a safe and fun ride, then TaoTao 110CC Quad is a great choice. The point that triggers and attracts users is its pricing, durability and quality. 

The Best 110CC ATV models are from Taotao  as follows:

All the models come with the automated transmission with a multitude of color options, reverse option and tons of safety features. Bike-like handles of TaoTao 110cc ATV helps the youngsters for the good control of the quad. It has a carriage capacity of 5 kg's and is great for snacks and protective gear. 

TaoTao 110cc ATV Features and Specifications

TaoTao has some special features and specifications like:


Tao Tao 110 ATV has a single cylinder, four stroke, air-cooled. The displacement of engine is 107cm3, the ratio of bore stroke is 52.4 * 49.5 mm (2.06 * 1.95 inches) with the ratio compression of 9:5:1. The air fuel mixture has a 19 mmm PZ19 carburetor, fuel tank of 2.3 liters/0.60 US gallons and 35mm air filter fully adjustable, RON rating of 91+ where oil would be 15W-40 standard oil and 15W40 motor oil. 


The foot-operated chain drive has the torque of 6.5 ft-lb and power travels via automatic transmission with reverse, neutral and centrifugal clutch assembly. TaoTao 110cc ATC comes with an adjustable speed limiter which slows down by turning screws clockwise.


TaoTao 110cc uses AC-magneto alternator and it uses CDI ignition. 12V 4Ah 70-CCA 5L-BS batteries required for the wheeler and it must have the dimensions of 4.49 x 4.21 x 2.76 inches. 


Tubeless tires are available for TaoTao 110cc as front and rear with textured threads which are mounted on steel rims and enables ATV to navigate terrain and be beginner friendly.


The brake setup for TaoTao 110cc ATV is equipped for the front with hand operated drum brakes and rear with foot operated hydraulic disc brakes.


It has front and rear shock absorbers with 10.8 inch and 9.6 inch respectively. 

TaoTao 110cc ATV’s reviews are very positive and its price, specifications, capabilities, features make it the best in all ways. Its trending design makes it beginner friendly and helps great on dunes, trials and tracks. 

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