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Guide to Choosing Perfect Size Dirt Bike | Comparing Dirt Bike Sizes

Are you looking to pick the perfect dirt bike? Check the various factors like weight, height, riding experience etc. Your riding experience, weight and height will determine the power and seat height. You can find various sized dirt bikes like adult bikes that will have height ranges from 35” and 38” with a displacement of the engine from 125cc to 450cc. Kid-sized bikes will have height ranges from 18” to 34” with a displacement of the engine from 50cc to 150cc. 

The main goal you have to consider while choosing dirt bike size is that it must stay secure and comfortable on the bike. It can be dangerous when the bike doesn’t fit your size and power and can be uncomfortable for experienced or taller riders.

Dirt Bikes for Beginners

If you are a beginner then the dirt bike is the best option to go with. Bikes with smaller displacement will have less power and are easy for beginners. These fewer power bikes are manageable even for beginners who are anxious or nervous. 125cc dirt bike has four-stroke and can be a great deal for kids & adults and they offer a decent standing position without having the power. Following are the best dirt bikes for beginners.

Your Experience Level

Experience Level is the main factor that determines your decision. If you are going for the bike for an inexperienced rider whose height is less than 5 feet and age of 10 years, you must go for the bike which has plenty of options like automatic clutches and three-speed transmissions which help youngers to get used to two wheels riding before operating the clutch system. 

If you are an inexperienced adult and want to buy something best sized, then keep it under 250cc. The size of the bike plays an important role but know your experience and choose the best fit for you.

 Dirt Bikes for Kids

If you are choosing dirt bikes for kids under the age of 14, then you have to pick something based on their weight, height and riding experience. The best bikes for dirt bikes range from 50cc to 150cc. Bikes like Vitacci Cougar Cycle Solana 49cc QT-5 Scooter, Vitacci Road Master 50cc Scooter and Vitacci Orion 49cc Motorcycle.

Dirt Bikes for Adults

Adult dirt bikes also consist of similar factors like rider experience, weight and height. If your height is normal, then you can be comfortable with 12cc dirt bikes like Honda CRF 125cc. If you have a good height like 6 feet, then you can go for bikes with 450cc like Hawk Enduro 250cc dirt bike, TaoTao TBR7 on Road Highway 229cc Motorcycle and 250CC Motorbike Street Legal Bobber Chopper Motorcycle.

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